The Why

  • All human progress has been a result of ideas
  • Yet formal education often develops a learning style that's focused on the assimilation of facts and rote learning
  • Wikipedia and other blogs are great but require going through tonnes of information before reaching the core ideas
  • Idea Based Thinking aims to foster the assimilation of key ideas and encourage original thinking
  • Help answer questions like : “What are the key ideas behind _______?”
  • To put the focus on first principle thinking and asking the “why” questions
  • A bigger vision of promoting a learning style that is focused on “Idea Based Thinking”

Core Values

  • A relentless focus on minimalism & simplicity by conveying more with less
  • A belief that ideas are the highest and purest form of human expression
  • A belief that skills are built by adding to your body of knowledge one idea at a time and revisiting them from time to time
  • Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone
  • The world is increasingly in need of original ideas
  • Idea Based Thinking is a skill which can be perfected with practice
  • “Everything is created twice. Once in the mind and once in reality.”


  • An entry is a single bullet point
  • An entry block is a set of entries
  • There will be at least five entries in an entry block
  • Every entry block will be timestamped and by default be sorted as newest to oldest
  • Readers can sort entry blocks based on newest to oldest or oldest to newest
  • Facts and examples will be added where it helps expand on an idea
  • Links to further reading & resources will be given where possible
  • The focus is primarily on technical content and skills in the domain of Computer Science
  • Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this site are solely my own and it does not reflect the opinion of my past, present, and future employer(s). All the factual information is sourced largely from the internet and books and consequently belongs to the respective authors and organizations.

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